(last updated: 10/03/23)

The administration of MotM supports creativity and exploration in themeliness, and strongly believes one novel character idea is much better than forty that simply 'fit the mold of what's considered acceptable.' That said, the administration also has a duty to its playerbase to assure that disruptive designs and concepts do not make it onto the game, and that individual player concepting is protected.

Typically, what you will find here are concepts that are either banned, or meant to be rare enough that only one or two players will have them. Administration will periodically review this list and remove or add items as appropriate.

Characters that hail from different planets

There have been some theme changes that came down the pipe that have allowed characters to originate from different realms or dimensions. However, hard sci-fi concepts such as extraterrestrials are outside of theme. Some characters whose origins are not character-critical, such as Glacius, could be re-concepted to originate from other realms. Mars People is still not allowed. Sorry Mars People.

Trigger Characters

While it's okay to play a serial killer, succubus, former stripper, etc. due to the nature of the themes MotM actually supports, the line is drawn when the element becomes the concept to an extreme. In general, character concepts should adhere to the ideas set out in the Taste file to start with. Anything that trends too close to real life hot-buttons is generally not going to be allowed. Child molesters, sex traffickers, particularly vivid killers, anti-LGBTQUIA+, Nazis, extremist racists, and any other characters hovering in extreme territories like this are probably not going to be allowed. Freeman is okay. Jigsaw is not. Vega and Igniz are okay. Hitler is not.

Keep in mind that a new character application may cause an element to be added to this list--it is not meant to be 'all inclusive' of designs that may be sent back for theme or taste reasons.