(last updated: 07/13/21)

Some fighters can continue fighting much longer than others of equal talent, for a variety of reasons. Some may have a regenerative capability or speedy metabolism that lets them subconsciously recover from wounds accumulated in a fight. Others may simply push themselves to exhaustion, ignoring their wounds at the cost of their own energy reserves. In MotM, these fighters would likely have the RESTORE ability, though there are certainly more IC possibilities than the ones described here.

Like SECOND_WIND, the RESTORE ability is a passive ability. Unlike SECOND_WIND, though, there's no element of chance involved: it's always active and working to your benefit. Each turn your health is below [100]%, you will receive [1]% health in exchange for [1]% reserve, and [1]% health in exchange for [1]% super. If you don't have enough reserve or super, you won't get the associated bonus to health. But, as running completely out of reserve and super is rare, RESTORE generally results in a [2]% health gain each turn, which can really help over the course of a battle.

As RESTORE is always active, it won't interfere with Active Abilities such as RUSH, SMASH, BRACE, EVADE, RESOLVE, or CHARGING. The downside to RESTORE is the constant draining of reserve and super, but as with most abilities, the benefit often greatly outweighs the cost. While the super gain will cut into the super you have available to spend on moves, the reserve expenditure does not count toward fatigue.

If for any reason you want to turn RESTORE off, use the 'norevive' command.

RESTORE is a character trait; if you have the STYLE ability, it should exist in both Styles.

Note: As of April 2021, characters with RESTORE will not receive Recovery bonuses from CALM, DM/Recovery, ENERGIZE supers, etc.

Ability Summary

  In TOP: Restore ticks grant +[1]% more health and cost no super.

  D Rank: Each turn, +[1]% health, -[2]% reserve, -[2]% super.

  C Rank: Each turn, +[2]% health, -[2]% reserve, -[2]% super.

  B Rank: Each turn, +[2]% health, -[1]% reserve, -[1]% super.

  A Rank: Each turn, +[2]% health, +[1]% reserve,  [0]% super.

  S Rank: Each turn, +[2]% health, +[2]% reserve, +[2]% super.

SIG ABIL: Begin fights with +[5]% health.
          Any round not attacked, you gain +[2]% more health.
          Additional stacking +[1]% health when in red.

TOP Mechanic

Characters in TOP will gain +[1]% more health from each tick of RESTORE, assuming they haven't reached [0]% reserve. The restore ticks will also not cost any super while in TOP.

Ability Ranks

D Rank Restore fighters are still attuning their bodies to the process of regeneration; recuperating on the move tends to take more effort, and thus more reserve and super.

C Rank Restore fighters are more efficient with their spent resources, gaining twice the amount of staying power as before; a nice, natural progression.

B Rank Restore fighters have learned how to better incorporate regeneration into their routine; it's more like breathing heavily than anything else.

A Rank introduces a new twist on RESTORE. Going back to the premise of RESTORE being about being able to last longer than other fights, it is now granting [1]% reserve per turn. Furthermore, the talent no longer costs super, either.

S Rank Restore is a character who is all about enduring a long fight, having more resources when other fighters are on fumes. At this point, every round means more Health, Reserve, and Super for you. Not a lot compared to other options, but overall, you simply amass resources as time goes by and that's a pretty cool concept without being overly strong numerically.

Signature Ability -- REGENERATE

Some characters go beyond simply being able to continue fighting longer than typical. These characters are regenerating from injuries at a clearly superhuman rate. Perhaps they have mastered chi techniques that allow them to physically knit their wounds. Or maybe they possess such willpower that they can defy their injuries from slowing them down by sheer force of will, blocking out the pain entirely, and continuing to fight when normal mortal constraints would demand they stop. The only way to defeat these monsters is to never let them catch their breath!

   - You begin fights with [5]% extra health.

   - Any round you are not attacked (unless you go first in a match), you
     gain [2]% more health from RESTORE, resulting in [4]% health out of TOP,
     or [5]% in TOP.

   - Each round your health remains in the red, you will gain +[1]% more

     health per turn, stacking to a maximum of +[4]% health per round.

     Going into yellow or below 0% will clear the bonus. Re-entering red
     health will allow stacks to build once again.

   - The combined benefit from the above two conditions is capped at
     +[4]% health per turn.

   - Any time your health meter is over [100]%, your meters will appear BLUE
     to represent OVERHEALTH.

   - You will not be able to regenerate health above [100]%.