(last updated: 07/04/21)

An ability for the underdog or the obsessively determined. You know the guy who gives 110%, who won't quit even when reason or skepticism suggests otherwise? That's who this ability is for. RESOLVE represents a character's uncanny ability to do dramatically improbable things, accomplishing feats regularly that most fighters would have to train years to do. This ability requires no special IC training on any character's behalf, only that they have the heart necessary to use it. Iincyo is a good example of this ability but most fighters bear some of the properties that suggest having strong RESOLVE.

RESOLVE offers one benefit at the basic rank: fighters gain a little more super meter per hit with RESOLVE than without. At higher ranks, RESOLVE can also allow fighters to exchange super or reserve for another Dramatic Moment charge, as well as allow fighters to improve their next attack or interrupt. The top rank provides even more super the closer a fighter approaches defeat.

RESOLVE is a character trait; if you have the STYLE ability, it must exist in both Styles.

Ability Summary

  In TOP: +resolve costs [20]% super instead of [30]%.
          +ex costs [0] super instead of [5]%.

  D Rank: Access to the +resolve Active.
          Resolve costs [30]% super and restores 1 DM charge.

  C Rank: +[12]% super gained from damage taken.

  B Rank: Access to [2] charge of the +ex Active.
          +ex costs [5]% super and [1] EX charge, adds [10]% to-hit,
          reduces reserve cost by [50]%.
          +resolve now restores [1] EX charge as well.

  A Rank: Normal attacks will gain bonus super when they hit.
          (i.e. PL5 normal will gain +[6] super)

  S Rank: For each [10]% health below [50]%,
          reserve costs will be reduced by [1]% and
          super costs will be reduced by [2]%.

SIG ABIL: Access to +top/green, +top/yellow, +top/red to gain more TOP usage.
          During Groove, attacks will deal +[0.5]PL more damage.
          During Groove, incoming damage will be reduced by -[0.5]PL.

TOP Mechanic

Characters in TOP can use +resolve to regain a DM charge at the cost of [20]% super instead of the normal [30]%.

Also, while in TOP, +ex no longer consumes [5]% super.

Ability Ranks

D Rank represents those critical moments where a fighter digs deep into their resources to pull off impressive feats, providing access to the +resolve Active Ability Use.

The +resolve active can be activated prior to any action that your character may legally take. While +resolve does not enhance that action directly, it allows you to drain [30]% of your Super meter for the use of one extra Dramatic Moment (DM) beyond the first.

Like all Actives, +resolve will prevent the use of other Actives this turn, unless otherwise noted.

Note: current COMBATSYS rules restrict each fighter to [3] DM uses per fight, regardless of where they come from. This means that even if you spend super to +resolve, you may be restricted from using the charges you've otherwise earned.

C Rank (Resolution) represents the resolve to keep fighting even while taking a beating from your opponent. Rather than being discouraged, you dig deeper and fight back harder with an increase in Super gain.

B Rank (+EX) represents the fighter taking initiative, pushing their boundaries before even taking damage. B Rank provides two EX charges, which power the +ex active.  Typing +ex will apply the EX effect to your next attack, in exchange for [5]% super and [1] EX charge.  The EX effect will grant not only a [10]% to-hit bonus to your next attack, but the attack will also consume [50]% less reserve.

Also, if you have spent a charge of +ex, the +resolve command will restore the charge. (Since +resolve and +ex are both Actives, you cannot +resolve and then +ex the same turn.)

Note: The bonuses from +rush or DM/speed will supercede the speed bonus from +ex, meaning these speed bonuses do not stack. The reserve and super discounts from +ex will still apply.

A Rank (Resolute) represents fighters that are able to invigorate their special attacks just by falling back on their bread-and-butter strategies. At A Rank, normals will provide bonus super when they land successfully, based on the power level of the attack. For example, a power level 3 normal will provide [4]% Super when it hits, and a power level 5 normal will provide [6]% Super.

S Rank (Moxie) revolves back to the heart of what RESOLVE is all about. At lower health levels, your attacks will receive a Reserve and Super discount. For each [10]% health below [50]%, reserve costs will be reduced by [1]% and super costs will be reduced by [2]%.

Signature Ability -- GROOVE

It is not uncommon for fighters to reach a point in the match where their adrenaline is pumping, their senses are at their most alert, and their body is being pushed to its utmost limits. For most characters, this state of mind is reflected by being in TOP, activated by having [100]% super (Or [95]% with the CHARGED trait). Some characters, however, train themselves to control the point at which they arrive in that point of precision control, flawless coordination, and peak performance. Once in their groove, these fighters have to do everything they can to make the most of it, for it rarely lasts for long.

   - Before completing your first turn, you must select a range for your
     healthbar where you will be considered in TOP.

   - Use +top/green, +top/yellow, or +top/red to specify where you will hit
     your groove.

   - While in the specified health range for the first time, your character
     will be in TOP regardless of your super.

   - If you heal out of that range, you will fall out of TOP, but you will
     regain it when you return to that range.

   - When you are damaged below that range, you fall out of TOP and will not
     get it back via this mechanic.

   - You can still hit TOP by being at or near maximum super.

   - During Groove, attacks will deal +[0.5] power levels more damage,
     and incoming attacks will be reduced by -[0.5] power levels.