(last updated: 10/08/16)

MotM's policy, once very specific and relatively unfun, has been relaxed by a certain measure, and has been boiled down to simpler rules intended to present a more intuitive, helpful and less lawyer-like representation of game standards and policies. Feel free to browse!

Activity    - Our policy for expected activity as a Feature Character.

Adaptation  - Feature characters from a non-supported series can also be adapted to our theme.

Alts        - We allow alts, but there are a few rules.

Application - Our Applications and related policies

Conduct     - Be cool, and you'll do fine here.

Events      - MotM is player-driven. Run your own events/tinyplots! Impress your friends!

Pitching    - If you're not sure if staff will approve something, send us a brief pitch first!

Restricted  - Restricted character concepts

Simplified  - Your time is valuable, keep it simple so we can get more scenes in.