OC Application

(last updated: 06/23/21)



Player Name: This is you, your name. A standard handle will suffice, but something like D4RK_L0RD_OF_MISERII is going to get you stared at. :)

Player Age: Your age...

Player E-mail: And your e-mail! This is the e-mail that we'll use to send your app response back.

Previous and Current Alts: Do you play, or have you played any previous characters at MotM? If so, list them here.



1a. OC NAME: How your character's name should be displayed on-game. Spaces are OK.

1b. FULL NAME: Your character's full legal name and/or any nicknames.

1c. FACTION: Your character's faction, 'Independent' if none.

1d. QUOTE: A quote your character would say, summarizing their personality.


Profiles are a little different from the rest of it. A profile is a roughly 150-200 words long, and is a bird's eye view of your character in total. Background elements, noticeable features, special powers, rumors, reputation and primary driving ambitions are all the sorts of things that go in profiles, and the most effective profiles incorporate all of these. Profiles are not strictly commonly known IC information, but will display prominently on your character, and is actually what most players will see of you first, so make it neat!


The name of your character's fighting style. If multiple or custom, state in plain English, e.g. "Karate and Sambo," "MotM-style Karate," or "Tai Chi with a Rock'n'Roll Guitar.."





Here, you describe your character concept. While your profile is a rough glimpse for a player into who and what your character is, this is your chance to go into a little more detail. Is your character a hulking 8 foot monster or a 3 foot schoolgirl? Do they have an awesome fighting style? Where did they learn it? Ideally, we want to hear a little bit about your character's backstory, and who they are as a person. If they have any outstanding physical characteristics, this is also the place to list them. Save the parts about all your character's cool fighting powers or whatever; that comes later. Remember, the best way to get your character concept across to staff is 'as concisely as possible.' Three or four paragraphs is more than enough to pitch all but the most complex characters. Refer to Application Tips for more detail to this respect.



This is where you describe what your character's motivations are. The key word here is 'motivation.' MotM places a large emphasis on driving forces for a character. Unless your character is a high school student who fights with a giant chess piece or is a Machiavellian supervillainess, it's not extremely necessary to let us know her favorite pastime is chess. Instead, the factors that force your character to act are important. Is your character concerned about justice? Do they have a deep dark secret that shames them and forces them to keep hidden? This is the kind of information we need to know. Again, about four paragraphs is the sweet spot here.




As part of the new AP system, all original characters will be given an opportunity to go through the character creation dojo and set up their own character. All original characters start at ratios 1 or 2, with commensurate AP and Stat Points according to their exact ratio. Here you have the opportunity to state a preference as to whether your character is ratio 1 or 2. For players and characters who meet certain criteria, staff may choose at their sole discretion to allocate extra ratio to them once their plotlines are firmly established on grid, but ratio 3 can no longer be justified in this field.


While characters design most of their stats by themselves, there are a few immutable characteristics about their base build that administration will helpfully start you out with. You will have the opportunity to add onto this build later, so don't spend too much time stressing over it. Just make sure your existing pick is good for your concept, because you won't have the opportunity to remove it once staff adds it.

TRAITS: Pick one trait that defines your character, from 'info traits'.

DRAMATIC MOMENTS: Pick two dramatic moments that your character is likely to have, from 'info dramatic moment'.

NOTE: While you get several attacks basically for free, they are not set up for you by administration. You will have to describe them in the FIGHTING STYLE section for admin to sign off on them when you make them!


Before you can enter the dojo, you have to have a signature ability. This will be the ability that most defines your character, and will be set for you by staff before you first log in.





This is the part where you actually describe your character's fighting style. Are they a boxing novice that only becomes strong when they've had enough to drink? What sort of punches do they typically go for? Keep in mind that an effective fighting style description will naturally inform what the stats are for the character: a wrestler character that has no visible chi attacks will be hard pressed to justify above average aura or chi, so if any of your statting plans would deviate from the expected common sense norm, please explain why here. For all but the most involved and feat-tastic of applications, one or two paragraphs is all that's needed here.



This is where you go into detail on each of your attacks. Is it a rising dragon punch? Is it a fiery chi projectile? After you're approved, you'll get to set up these moves in the system. The robustness of the combat system means that the same move concept can have several different takes on it, so don't worry too much about this area, but any attack that exists on your final stats will have to be described in your application, or in a seperate e-mail to the staff box. Please make sure to designate which of these moves would be your signature, or most frequently relied-upon move, as well as supers and maxes, which are more powerful 'finishing' moves in the system. At base, you get seven special moves and three super moves. One of your super moves may be swapped out for a MAX move. Please describe any additional supers, specials or maxes you're thinking of having, even if they don't end up in the final build. Spend one or two sentences on each description.

NOTE: The base rules are a little different if you are planning to have the STYLE or MINDSET abilities--refer to the info files on either one for more information!




This is where you lay out your plans for your character. It's one thing to have a cool idea, it's another thing entirely to know what you want to do with it, and many original characters have crashed and burned for want of a good plan. Where does your character's personality naturally lead them? Do they have any goals that would interest other characters? A good design will have some antagonistic elements to it, even if the character themselves are as moral as they could be. This is where you get to explain how you'll get other characters into a scene with yours, so be creative! You don't have to go into a three page diatribe, but a brief paragraph or so's worth of a primer can help us understand where you'd like your character to fit in the grand scheme of things, and how you might want your character to grow in the future!


If you got this far, you're done! Package your app up and ship it off to motmadmin@gmail.com with the subject line "OC Application - < Name > ". Please use plain text formatting where applicable. Good luck!