(last updated: 12/28/17)

Magic now formally exists as a concept in MotM's theme. Magic is the practice of channeling a small spark of Boundary energy merged with the existing chi already present in the world. Actual magic users are rare in MotM's theme even with the addition of the new games. The vast majority of characters flinging energy with their attacks are either using PSI or CHI, just like they always have been. However, there are a few characters that have already been running around with a 'spell casting' component to their concept, and going forward, those will now be officially considered 'Magic Users'.

This distinction means nothing, as far as CSYS mechanics go, it is merely a flavor detail for your character that may have Out Of Combat implications. Going forward, we will apply the MAGIC attribute to magic using characters. Again, this conveys NO mechanical effect, so it's just for keeping tabs on characters that fit the concept.

Certain techniques may imply magic use instead of traditional Chi manipulation. FCs that are explained as magic users in their respective themes, like Ninon, Celica, Shang Tsung, etc., will be considered Magic Users on MotM. Other characters that use advanced techniques that persist either before or beyond the scope of combat, such as prepared talismans, lasting seals and wards, magic cards, or weapons, may also be magic users. In the case of OCs, the distinction will be left up to the player to pitch to staff and in the case of FCs, staff will usually decide if a character is conceptually a magic user.

The exact method of casting spells is very fluid. There is no one specific way to use magic as the details of manipulating Boundary energy vary according to a user's personality and will. The ability to use magic at all is innate to an individual's soul. Either the potential is there or it is not. Magic at its core is the application of will to shape Boundary energy with chi. The rituals and methodologies of doing so vary by culture and background and are simply different ways of accomplishing the same result.

Only chi users are able to manipulate magic. Psionic energy is incompatible with all known magical formulas. There are a few characters, such as Shang Tsung, that are capable of controlling the energy of the soul (psi) while also being masters of arcane magic, but these sorcerers are extremely rare and not a concept available to OCs.

Magitech is the blending of magic knowledge with science to create machines that can affect the state of reality or create matter that is otherwise impossible to forge, which has resulted in the existence of Gears, Murakumo units, and other extraordinarily dangerous constructs. There are many organizations attempting to crack the mysteries of magitech, though NOL, Sector Seven, and laboratories managed by the UN have made the most progress in this area.