Killer Instinct Challenges

(last updated: 12/28/17)

Obviously, Killer Instinct is set in the far future, where Ultratech is one of the only corporations in existence, having replaced the governments of the world. Nowadays, things are a little less dark and foreboding, and Ultratech is only one of many megacorporations, though its power through its weapons dealings is still immense, especially when considering the political climate concerning fighters.

Most of the challenges in Killer Instinct involve characters being put together by superscience, or summoned from Limbo. In the world as we know it, Limbo is another leyline, and creatures from it are powerful warlords who were once men but have been twisted by time, imprisonment and their own power.

Many characters in Killer Instinct are flashy designs. While this is desireable in a fight, many characters in the series lack complex personality, motivation and/or drive, such as AGANOS, SPINAL, RIPTOR, HISAKO and FULGORE. Rather than tempt players to force these characters to participate in plotlines and such that rightfully wouldn't interest them, we are requiring that players have a more well rounded alt before attempting to apply for these characters.

Several characters are not allowed from the game Killer Instinct. GLACIUS, due to being an alien, is not themely. EYEDOL and GARGOS are both plot characters. ARIA, due to using design elements that are not well represented in theme yet is also a plot character.