Killer Instinct

(last updated: 12/28/17)

The enigmatic multinational supercorporation "Ultratech" is a weapons developer of great renown. The conglomerate is known for their various high level research programs which pry at the very edges of what martial artists can do. They have successfully translated these research programs into a network of highly lucrative contracts with several major governments, producing many deadly weapons, training programs and fighters for national militaries to better address the ongoing threat of terrorist organizations like NESTS and Shadaloo.

What is lesser known is that the Ultratech corporation is extremely corrupt, and supplies just as many of the terrorist organizations and rogue governments that it purports to be fighting against. Its research programs are shrouded in mystery, and many of them are suspected to have been produced using highly immoral methods, up to and including using the dead, dying or desperate to create powerful new fighters. Because of Ultratech's vast accounts and influence in critical regions, attempts to investigate its dealings carried out by Interpol and their contemporaries have largely ended up fruitless.

To boost public recognition and support, the Ultratech corporation finances an independent and exclusive tournament called Killer Instinct, which is also used as a testing ground for its research projects. While Ultratech has many rivals in genetic technology and robotics, especially amongst the NESTS Cartel, it is so far the only company that knows how to pull fighters wholesale back from the aether, resulting in Ultratech fielding some of the most bizarre and titanic fighters the fighting community has known at that tournament.

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