Guilty Gear

(last updated: 12/28/17)

The power of chi utilized by fighters can be bent in many ways, including some that many have termed as "magic." While many soulless corporations have sought to utilize this power to their own ends, only a precious few have used it for good. Several groups have purported to use chi to create endless, boundless energy to solve the world's energy crisis, but this research has been hotly contested, in many cases being fought over and destroyed by terrorist organizations. However, that research has not gone entirely to waste.

Members of the United Nations have long since been interested in creating artificial weapons to deal with many of the higher scale threats presented by fighters. While creation of groups such as the Sacred Order of Holy Knights have bolstered the UN's influence in the fighting world, they are still missing a vital piece of the puzzle. So, they sponsored the Gear Project, a group dedicated to using chi technology to create commensurate defenses against more-than-human threats. In this, they were responsible for the creation of the Outrage, a series of weapons utilizing chi and magnifying one's ability to channel it. However, their most dangerous creation by far are their eponymous "Gears"--men attuned to the chi of animals and other sources to become in themselves living weapons.

While the Gears are still largely prototypes, some say that it's only a matter of time before a Gear strong enough to stand against humans arises...

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