Garou--Mark of the Wolves

(last updated: 12/28/17)

In his younger years, while Geese Howard was gaining control of Southtown, he met a well to-do woman named Marie. He married her, and sired a child by the name of Rock. This child was to be his project, the successor and heir to all of his empire and strength, ensuring his name goes down in history. However Marie died from illness, overlooked by her uncaring husband once he'd had what he wanted. Little did Geese know that Marie had a brother, who was raised in far less forgiving and opulent surroundings.

Rock was raised brutally, trained by Geese until he was worthy to be called a son. However, the two had a falling out, and Rock disappeared onto the streets of Southtown. It is there that the legacy of many of Southtown's greatest fighters are truly born; young men and women on the cusp of adulthood still struggle with the names and legacies of their parents and masters, stories yet still being written. It is hard to stand in the shadows of giants.

But the streets themselves are a harsh mistress. Killers, rogues and brutes stalk those cold alleyways. Above all, a new power rises. A new shadow creeps over Southtown, a man seeking to take control of everything Geese has worked to establish, in Marie's name. Kingdoms have toppled for less..