Fighting Scale

(last updated: 12/28/17)

While many things are possible in the MotM theme, not all of it is easy. When starting out, most fighters are pretty proud of the fact that they can shape a flower with their chi, let alone summon a meteor from deep space!

When considering feats, a realm of believability is to be achieved for each feat. A character who can run up walls is generally not going to be approved with less than 30 or 40 reflex. More might be expected depending on their ratio, as a lot of things dealing with ratio are relative: A character who routinely runs up walls at ratio 4 will commensurately be expected to have at the very least a reflex in the high 50s, which would be considered above average in their ratio.

In the case of stats, the feat informs the numbers, not the other way around. So that character who wants to be able to run up a wall needs at least 30 or 40 reflex, and might in fact, again, have more reflex depending on their ratio. A character with all 50s in their statset will not suddenly be able to accomplish every feat suggesting a 50 stat or less; to the contrary, even at ratio 3, their style might not even be specialized enough to accomplish one feat, let alone several!

Generally speaking, any given character is capable of feats only according to their style, not their numbers. So while a gigantic musclebound wrestler might be ratio 4 and have 56 roll to represent the fact that he can deal with being on the ground and getting into a wrestling match, he's not going to be squirming through any ventilation ducts anytime soon.

Basically, common sense applies, but the scale laid out in the following files will roughly illustrate numerically at about what level a character needs to be to perform any given feat of measurable scale. Keep in mind that these ratings are by no means meant to comprehensively quantify or assign every feat, and only suggests boundaries for certain levels and scales of competency.

00-09: Next to nonexistent skill. Game minimum.

Civilian level. If you are a fighter at all and are at this level

in your ability, you have a gaping flaw in your style.

REFLEX: Almost immobile.

PHYS: Having trouble lifting a particularly heavy brick.


10-19: Rudimentary skill.

Novice level. You might just be starting to study this aspect of

your style. While you might have some skill or latent ability,

you'll need serious training to make the most of it.

SOAK: Can withstand a pretty rough march.

CHI: Can throw a short-ranged fireball.


20-29: Reasonably able. R1 average.

A solid fighting ability in this stat. Your character isn't someone

to be laughed at in this stat.

WILL: Most psychics can't trivially invade your mind.

PHYS: With effort, knock someone out in one punch.


30-39: Skilled and competent. R2 average.

Your character is considered to be a pretty good name in

their field. A lot of standardized military training tops out


SOAK: You're pretty tough and able to take a sound beating.

THRO: You can put someone through a wall trivially.


40-49: Highly talented use. R1 maximum. R3 average.

Your character isn't anywhere near the top, but is very skilled in

their field, considered a 'serious contender' in most professional

tournament circuits.

REFL: Pretty fast on your feet. Running up walls easily.

PSI: Able to powerfully influence the opinions of others.


50-59: Expert competency. R2 maximum. R4 average.

Characters with this average of competency are usually strong

enough to be leaders of their own small factions, if so

predisposed. They are extremely capable and smart.

CHI: Blasting through a tractor-trailer with noticeable effort.

ROLL: You can squirm into almost any space your head will fit.


60-69: Genius level talent. R3 maximum. R5 average.

Your character is well known as a talent in their chosen field,

and might even be training others in use of their abilities.

SOAK: Catch a tank shell fired from a mile away.

THRO: ... and then throw it back.


70-79: Incredible ability and skill. R4 maximum. R6 average.

To achieve this grade, one must generally be beyond a genius in

their field, and usually should have advanced, or be able to

advance, the public's understanding of their field in some way.

PSI: Reading minds from across the city.

WILL: Withstanding intense psychic assault casually.


80-89: Legendary power. R5 maximum. Average for nobody.

Characters with this strength are considered legends in their own

time, and usually have many stories told of their feats. This is

the level at which 'legendary feats' start to become possible.

REFL: Traverse city blocks in single leaps.

PHYS: You can punch a tyrannosaur and the tyrannosaur leaves.


90-99: Intense crushing might.

At this level, your character is beyond renowned for their ability

in their chosen stat, and are heralded as god-killers and myths.

CHI: With effort, lay waste to an entire city block at will.

ROLL: You are six feet tall and can still fit into a breadbox.


100-109: Godlike superiority. Game maximum.

At this level, your character is considered to be amongst the

strongest there is at their given stat. Characters like this are the

characters who define what's possible for everyone else. They have

generally already mastered one or two legendary feats within their

purview, and can probably master even more, if they set their minds

to the task! The amazing is routine for them, and nothing can hold

them back. A character with multiple stats in this range would be

easily considered a God. There are no descriptors for this range.