Fighting Mixed

(last updated: 12/28/17)

It stands to be mentioned that many obscure and major feats do not fall underneath the sway of just one stat. As an example, a fighter with the ability to wrap an elastic limb around an enemy and crush them may, depending on the strength of the effect, require high roll and throw. On the other hand, a fighter who controls and projects their own bones to attack the enemy might use high roll, soak and physical. It's considered physical as a secondary stat only because a bone attack is going to be physical in nature, but a character who can control the density and orientation of their own bones on such a level will almost assuredly have high soak and roll! This illustrates how many techniques and feats are not purely informed by damage stats alone.

One of the side cases in the game deal in souls. While the channeling of souls is considered internal energy, and as such largely the purview of Psycho Power--that is, Will and Psi, the mass control of souls external to oneself can also be considered Chi. While the control of souls and soul energy is extremely rare, restricted, and isn't intended to factor into many characters at all, most of whom are typically locked into either chi or psi as an energy stat, this is illustrative of the many side cases that could cause a character to have multiple high scores in their stats.