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There are several special groups that exist in MotM's world, which we generally refer to in OOC terms as "factions." It is not necessary for your character to be in a faction, and you won't be missing out on massive amounts of RP by not being in one. This file will give an overview of each group, though detailed files are available for each one.

Capcom Factions

Gedo High: Often misunderstood, this Southtown high school used to be a cesspool of gang activity. Daigo Kazama has reformed it into a vigilante band that fights crime in Southtown, protects the innocent, and sometimes clashes with organized crime such as Geese's Southtown Syndicate. Public opinon about them tends to vary; they tend to win acceptance from a handful of people at a time. More info in gedo

Justice High: The most highly regarded highschool in Southtown is Justice High, often referred to as the "Super-Elite School." They accept only the best and brightest, claiming to prepare these individuals for leading the world to a new age of prosperity in the near future. However, Justice High has a shaky past, and unusual circumstances surround the establishment. More info in justice

Mad Gear Gang: Metro City's largest gang, and formerly very feared. Two costly battles with Mayor Mike Haggar have shattered their power recently, though the Mad Gear's recent absorption of the Skull Cross Gang could herald a period of rebuilding and make them a force to reckon with once again. More info in mad gear

Pacific High: An 'overseas school' in Japan that provides boarding for non-Japanese students, Pacific's usual students tend to be teens from wealthy business families across the globe. Though formerly very tense and hostile towards the various 'Japanese' schools in Southtown, the kidnapping incidents from a few years back have helped ease tensions, as some of Pacific's students helped greatly in solving the problem. More info in pacific

Seijyun High: Another highly regarded school in Southtown, Seijyun is run as a business/corporate interest. It is an all-girls school, and the school promises parents that their daughters will learn "traditional Japanese female values." Education here is expensive, so most of the girls attending Seijyun come from wealthy families, though a handful of poor and middle-class families also send their daughters here too. More info in seijyun

Shadaloo: One of the most powerful "shadow armies" in the world, lead by Vega. With a formidable army, some of the most talented fighters on the planet, and a master of Psycho Power, Shadaloo stands poised as a major contender for ruling the entire world. Evil in the extreme, Shadaloo is ruthless, powerful, and has a considerable amount of influence in most world governments. They're also fairly secretive, so not everyone knows what Shadaloo is. More info in shadaloo

Taiyo High: Probably the most conventional school in Southtown, Taiyo student body is very diverse, but also considered 'mostly normal.' The most distinct feature of Taiyo High is that several students are very spirited and energetic. While Taiyo enforces some rules strongly, there is also an emphasis placed on having the students understand the rules, not just obey them. On the other hand, Taiyo is also probably the most flexible school around when it comes to giving students choices and options. More info in taiyo

SNK Factions

Ikari Warriors: A counterpart organization to Charlie's Vigilantes, the Ikari Warriors are a military-styled mercenary unit. They have a pretty good reputation however, as they only accept missions that conform to their moral standards. While a bit strict in some ways, the Ikari Warriors are a firmly knit team devoted to fighting Rugal's "R" organization, as well as groups similar to "R." More info in ikari

House of Strolheim: A noble-family in Germany, the House of Strolheim is devoted to the development of strength and martial arts prowess in promising individuals. Strolheim has a history of being very brutal, but Wolfgang Krauser's recent reforms in the group's behavior have made them somewhat rough, but mostly benign. More info in strolheim

NESTS Cartel: A crime syndicate and shadow army, NESTS is Igniz's vessel for attaining his dream of becoming a god, and dominating the world. Experts in cybernetics as well as genetic engineering, NESTS produces some rather powerful fighters, and supplements others. While their aims are evil, a fair number of NESTS personnel believe they are working towards "a better tomorrow" and have only the best intentions. More info in nests

"R" Organization: Rugal's black market group. They specialize in the sale of illegal weapons, though they also participate in other criminal venues. Like many others, Rugal hopes to conquer the world, and "R" is just part of his plan for it. Extremely brutal, "R" is sometimes more frightening to oppose than any other group, despite the fact groups like Shadaloo overshadow their actual power. More info in r

Southtown Syndicate: Also known as "Southsynd" or "The Syndicate", this crime group is Geese Howard's masterpiece. Easily the largest participant in criminal activities throughout the world, they are extremely wealthy and employ several talented fighters. Nearly as powerful as Shadaloo, the Syndicate is a prime contender for world domination. They also control several legitimate businesses, and can often act a bit more freely than their rivals can. More info in syndicate

Black Dragon Cult: A newcomer to the scene, the Black Dragon Cult is led by the young and enigmatic Johann. Worshipping the spirit of the Black Dragon with religious fervor, the Cult yearns to unleash destruction upon the world. Though still small, its members have wormed their way into the underbelly of Sunshine City. The group is difficult to trace and almost impossible to pin down. Their activities are usually obscured by Abobo and his gangs, giving authorities a more pressing problem with rampage theft and violence. More info in black dragon

ASW Factions

Novus Orbis Librarium: The Novus Orbis Librarium (NOL) is a global militaristic organization focused on the control and management of magical threats around the world. Nominally lead by The Imperator, she is something of a figurehead as the real power in the organization resides with the 12 Originator Families that founded it and more ambitious individuals such as Terumi and Relius Clover. More info in NOL

Sector Seven: Sector Seven, also known as The Seventh Agency, is a collection of dozens of secret laboratories hidden all around the world. Nearly every research project conducted by S7 seesk to answer the question of how magic can be controlled by science, or how magic can be entirely eliminated from the world. More info in: Sector Seven

Original Factions

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Kagero: [Old Timeline] A secretive research group made from the descendants of the nearly-extinct Ryouhara clan. They use cunning and intelligence in place of raw power and might, forming a very effective mercenary group for anyone with the wits to find them. They hold incredibly high standards to applicants and bring unusual and brilliant techniques to the battlefield. In lieu of a traditional hierarchy, they operate in a smattering of power cells, nor do they have a single base of operation. Their resilience depends on their ability to adapt and outwit their opponents. More in kagero