(last updated: 12/28/17)

Generally, running events is a great way for a character to get some face time with the players of the game, and on occasion catapult themselves into higher ratios or ever greater storylines. While MotM administration tends to run Weekly Events normally, every so often they will cede the floor to players for larger scale tournaments and bigger one-time events and missions. To that end, as far as the events policy is concerned, there are two broad types of events, based on how long they take to complete.

The first is a weekly event. These events take less than two weeks to resolve. They are typically smaller plotlines or organized events, such as underground tournaments, exhibitions or promotions, but can represent 'a series of snapshots' in an abbreviated tournament structure, depending on the style, taste and availability of the plot runners.

The second type of event is a global plot, which take multiple weeks to resolve. They are typically global events such as a war, or a major tournament. These plots are typically of a much higher workload to organize OOCly and as a result are subject to several rules of regulation, which will be detailed later in the policy.

What follows is a few pages on the benefits and expectations in running an event. Please pay close attention to these files before running any kind of organized event, as the policy functions as guidance for all plots going forward on MotM.

Running events is hard work, and people who take up the banner of doing so are typically rewarded in the form of AP, or Advancement Points. In many cases, if an organizer's contribution is measurable enough, they might not even actually have to scene during certain parts of the plot to be awarded AP. But how AP is awarded, and how much, is determined largely by the grade and length of the event.

There are some general expectations outlining minimum requirements for what constitutes event organization, however. The first is most obvious; a plot must be organized. To qualify as an organized event eligible for extra AP, organizers must provide timely, regular, visible organization to all players who contribute to the event. Typically, what this means is regular posting on the event detailing what's happening, the effect the players have had on the event, and what the next goal might be.

Also, event organizers are expected to provide solid scheduling in prominent locations for players to access, whether it be in the form of a clearly communicated scene time or an equally clearly communicated deadline for a player to complete an assigned scene by. Players must also be made aware of when to expect such communications, if such communications are not consistent or obvious ("two days after the signup period ends" would be a good example of consistent and obvious) Above all, an event must be timely, provide resolution, and not drag on.

In typical situations, a portion of AP will be assigned for each successful week of a plot, and will be awarded directly to all organizers responsible for measurable contributions to the plot. Usually, this award will ovvur in a large lump sum after the plot is successfully concluded. Some parcels may be pro-rated, for organizers who were only active in certain sections of plot.

Please keep in mind that staff will typically judge organization based on immediately apparent details; if a co-conspirator helps brainstorm and ghost-writes half of your event scenarios, make sure staff is made aware of what exactly they did to ensure they get their just rewards as well!

While events can take many forms and formats, meeting these basic expectations will determine whether a player is awarded enhanced AP for being an event organizer or awarded normal AP for simply appearing in a scene.

While running an event can be highly beneficial, there are some caveats to those benefits. Because of serious problems with running on-going events in the past, administration has elected to be more critical in approving event time for organizer hopefuls in the current climate. A player may be required to run smaller events to provide experience and guidance in handling the stress of a larger event.

Concluding an event in a timely, organized fashion is the best way to give your players an experience they'll never forget, and that will shape and mold their characters into greater, higher concepts. However, an unreliable event is just a waste of player time. That said, AP will not be awarded at all to any organizer for events that stall for longer than a week past its own schedule, no matter how long the event has gone on for.

Additionally, a plot that stalls out may be canceled by adminstration entirely, and normal events scheduling will continue regardless of stated schedule. Players that have previously allowed an event to stall out will be considered very carefully before approval is granted in the future to run any more events.

Extenuating circumstances, if not extremely regular, may be cause for reconsideration. A player emergency is fine, so long as the player makes reasonable, timely communication to administration about what's going on. The expectation here is not to leave your players in the lurch--a solution should be provided, as opposed to an apology. In such cases, a plot can be put on hold until a pre-determined date, or the organizer can select another player, a willing deputy, to finish the plot. In this case, the AP will be divided by some fair measure between the two players.

If administration has to forcibly conclude a plot that seems to have stalled, either by finishing it themselves or by appointing another player, typically a volunteer, to finish it, the player who has finished the plot will receive the AP for the entire event, regardless of exactly how many weeks it went on for. A player must organize events for at least one week successfully to be eligible for this AP.

Again, a plot is considered stalled if no communication is made to the players from the organizers for one week after the last communicated deadline, slightly less for organizers who are regularly online and active while the plot is stalling.

Running a plot also gives you access to enhanced resources that normal characters do not have access to. Whether an NPC needs to be created, new minions, special builds or fight conditions, the administration is here to help you make your event truly spectacular. The only limitation here is staff playing one of your temporary characters, which typically cannot be asked for unless it is specifically offered by an interested party. Please communicate any special needs in your initial concept request to the e-mail box.

There's no specific application for a plot event, but it should have the following:

1. A clear storyline,

2. Possible endings,

3. A timeline, including scheduling information,

4. Who else is going to be helping you in the event temps are needed, etc.

5. ...And what you might require from admin to help your plot.

If you need any more information, advice or tips about running events, please refer to the Event Tips subsection. It never hurts to be prepared.

If all of this sounds like a good deal to you, put together an application in plain text formant and send it on to!