Enhanced Moves

(last updated: 03/21/18)

Some fighters thrive on adapting to rapidly changing circumstances. Others get more benefit learning from repetition, practicing and honing their techniques of choice into precision instruments. Enhanced Moves represents the latter category: practice makes perfect!

Every character already has access to the "Signature Move" effect flag, which allows them to designate one attack as the most refined of the lot. Enhanced Moves pushes that one step further -- it allows a fighter to amplify several of their attacks to be better and stronger, in slightly varied forms.

Ability Summary

  In TOP: All attacks will cost [2]% less reserve.

  D Rank: [1] RES- flag to an attack of your choice.

  C Rank: [1] SUP- flag to an attack of your choice.

  B Rank: [2] EM+ flags to attacks of your choice.

  A Rank: [1] more RES- flag, [1] more SUP- flag.

  S Rank: [1] AM+ flag to an attack of your choice.

SIG ABIL: [2] EXPERT flags to attacks of your choice.

TOP Mechanic

Attacks will cost [2]% less reserve for characters in TOP status.

Ability Ranks

The flags for each rank are cumulative; for example, A Rank receives [2] RES- flags, [2] SUP- flags, and [2] EM+ flags, while S Rank receives everything A Rank does as well as [1] AM+ flag.

The flags offered by the varying ranks grant the following benefits:

  RES- : Reduces the reserve cost of the attack by [5]%.

  SUP- : Reduces the super cost of the attack by [5]%.
         Also increases super gained by connecting with the move by [20]%.

  EM+  : Increases the speed (chance to hit) of the attack by [5]%.

  AM+  : Increases the speed (chance to hit) of the attack by [10]%.

Restrictions: You cannot put EM+ or AM+ on attacks marked as Signature, Super, MAX, or Ultra moves. Also, no attack may have more than one (1) Enhanced Moves effect; so you couldn't for example make a +[15]% speed move by stacking EM+ and AM+ together.

Signature Ability -- EXPERTISE

Some fighters have mastered the execution of their attacks to the point that they can execute them effortlessly. These fighters understand the difference between a normal special attack that their peers might perform and a special attack that is executed with the utmost in expertise. Their extensive mastery over their style's techniques allows them to perform more of these techniques without wearing themselves out than other fighters.

   - Choosing Enhanced Moves as a Signature Ability grants
     [2] EXPERT flags that reduce the move's Reserve cost to 0.

   - EXPERT tags may be applied to any Special Attack,
     including those with other Enhanced Moves effects.