Dead or Alive

(last updated: 12/28/17)

The Dead Or Alive Tournament Tournament Executive Committee (DOATEC) is a more recent multinational weapons development corporation, much in the vein of Ultratech, but more publicized. The "Dead or Alive" tournaments have been well known as an annual tournament sponsored by DOATEC where many skilled fighters from all over the globe could compete in several exotic locations, and its events have only been eclipsed by the World Warrior tournament in legitimacy.

This company was once lead by Fame Douglas, and DOATEC was quite successful in making the Douglas family rich and famous. Douglas sponsored the first tournament, the Dead or Alive World Combat Championship, with large cash prizes for the winners. However, bitter factionalism over DOATEC's moral path has plagued the company since near its inception, and Douglas was assassinated by elements wishing to use the Dead or Alive tournaments to study and harvest genetic material from fighters who compete there.

Now with the Dead or Alive events being turned towards dark ends, the eldest heiress of the Douglas family has made an appearance, leaving many to speculate exactly where DOATEC's intentions will turn when the dust settles..