(last updated: 12/28/17)

The conduct policy on MotM has become greatly relaxed over the years. At the game's beginning, there was a great urge to quantify and rule on everything. This resulted in a lot of arbitrary paperwork for players to sort through. However, as time went on, MotM has eased back quite a bit on a lot of major rules and regulations both IC and OOC, and the overall climate of things shifted towards simplicity.

As a result, the summation of most policy is now such on MotM: Be cool.

MotM is considered largely to be a game for intermediate to advanced players, and a lot of documentation on consensual roleplay, IC Actions=IC Consequences, and the like are not likely to be exhaustively implemented in the future. These sorts of rules should be assumed over the course of the game, and if you have any questions about any of them, feel free to ask any other player or a member of staff.

Generally speaking, most conflicts will be dealt with as they arise, but staff are not really trying to be the overbearing types--the expectation is for most people to work through things on their own for all but the most egregious errs in conduct. As a guideline, try not to be creepy, obsessive, rude, twinky or gross, and you should do fine. Ask permission AND beg for forgiveness. Pull out chairs... easy on the swears. Keep in mind that other players have feelings, and that you should probably avoid interacting with people that bother you excessively, and there shouldn't be any big blowouts.

That said, no matter what's actually happening, there is one rule: If you're told to stop doing something or that a subject is making someone uncomfortable, sometimes by a player but usually by staff, please be courteous enough to take the hint. Nobody's got time for an hour long argument because "I saw somebody else do it last week and they didn't get in trouble" or "I don't see what the big problem is the same thing happened in a movie and everybody loved that" or any of a heap of other objections. Everybody around these parts has heard that song and dance before, and you'd be hard pressed to find somebody interested in hearing it again! :)

Basically, MotM's policy is just "common sense." Yes, common sense really isn't the same in every case for everyone, but that's fine. We should all do our best to make sure we're cognizant of eachother, and that'll be good enough.