(last updated: 07/13/21)

CHARISMA means your character has a high ability to influence others, is someone who thrives on intensity of emotions, or is someone who can incite things through little more than a show of their spirit. A person with CHARISMA can easily blend in with a crowd of people when they want, but when fighting, they can't help but want to put on a performance to be remembered. These people can be very quiet or they can be almost ludicrously loud personalities. But when they turn on that charm, people cannot help but feel it. They can ignore it, they can resist it, but the pull is unmistakable.

For fighters, CHARISMA can take any number of forms. A flair for the dramatic, an impressive aura, a strong personality that demands to be acknowledged... These fighters bring energy to the fight one way or another. A fighter like Joe Higashi who can stoke the crowd, seeming to inexplicably grow bigger on their opponent amidst a chorus of cheers is someone who might have CHARISMA. It isn't limited to crowd-pleasers; a cool, intimidating individual like Seth, who with a few choice words and the perfectly timed toothy grin can make someone quake might also have CHARISMA. This can influence hundreds of people or only a single opponent. The defining attribute is that CHARISMA must be turned 'on', and when it is, other people around them will simply feel it.

CHARISMA is a character trait, so if a character has the STYLE ability, it must exist in both styles.

Ability Summary

  In TOP: Gain [1]% bonus to dodge/block/endure for
          every [20]% super possessed by attacker.

  D Rank: All moves that consume super cost [1]% less super.

  C Rank: +[20]% super gained for damage dealt.

  B Rank: [SHOWTIME] Upon spending a total of [65]% super in a fight,
          gain [1] DM charge.

  A Rank: +[20]% additional super gain for damage dealt while you
          have less super than the target you damaged.

  S Rank: Access to [1] charge of +challenge free action.

SIG ABIL: [ATTUNE] Access to the +attune free action.

TOP Mechanic

CHARISMA characters in TOP are fired up by their opponents' performances; the more super their opponents have, the easier it will be for them to react.

Ability Ranks

D Rank is an evolution of efficiency in executing those more powerful, showy attacks, by having their super cost discounted across the board. This discount stacks with the discount from mechanics like SIG, SUP-, and EX.

C Rank reflects the charge the fighter gets for engaging in violent exchanges with their opponent. Eagerness to give the audience (or even their opponent) a good show, or to simply impress all others with their displays of power, feeds back to the fighter as increased super gain for damage dealt to opponents.

B Rank (Showtime) represents the fighter unleashing an inner store of power just when it's needed most. As the fight reaches the fever pitch where you have finally burned through 65 points worth of super, you unlock "Showtime" -- providing access to another Dramatic Moment to keep the momentum going. Note: the 65 points do not have to be spent all in one attack; this total is tracked cumulatively over the course of the fight.

A Rank is the next step in building energy from engaging your opponent from C Rank. Now if you find that your opponent is more charged up than you are, you redouble your efforts to close that gap with an increased surge of super until you catch up!

S Rank (Challenge) is the culmination of a CHARISMA fighter's influence upon the ebb and flow of the fight. When you use the +challenge action, a COMBATSYS message is broadcast to the room to let everyone else know that you are daring them to engage you in an epic clash -- or seeing if they will wimp out until the challenge passes. During your next turn, you will gain 1 super for every point of damage you take from an opponent's direct attack. This does not include ongoing damage from DEADLY-flagged attacks in previous rounds. However, opponents that step up to the challenge will also be rewarded with 1 super for every 3 damage they deal. This super is gained even if the attack would not normally grant super for dealing damage, such as SUPERS and MAXes.

Signature Ability -- ATTUNE

While many characters may be charismatic, some characters take this quality to the extreme. The very act of being surrounded by other fighters, whether opponents or allies, empowers them to fight better and harder. The more fighting alongside or against them, the more driven these characters become. True masters of CHARISMA go beyond being simply influential in a general sense. They can single out and attune themselves to individuals that they truly want to resonate with. This attunement may be a powerful level of empathy that enables the character to share in the adrenaline of the one they have picked out. Or it might be a dominating force of will or ingenius wordsmithing that allows them to lure their chosen target into doing exactly what it is they wanted them to. Either way, these characters are known for being influential to others or master manipulators of a crowd's emotions.

   - Access to the ATTUNE command.

   - ATTUNE allows you to pick another target in the fight to be attuned to.

   - Whenever that target spends super, you will gain [28]% of the super
     they spend.

   - Whenever anyone else in the fight besides your attuned target spends
     super, you get a bonus [1]% super.

   - If you change your ATTUNE target while the target is still in the fight,
     you will not gain the bonus super until you have completed 2 turns.

   - The bonus super gained from the ATTUNE target is affected by your build,
     such as ExtraDM1, PRESENCE, etc.