(last updated: 10/08/23)

Fighters with the BURST Ability are brimming with energy, able to dynamically explode into dramatic moments of power or defense. More dramatic than typical bracing or smashing techniques, Burst trades functionality for form with fewer, but more intense, moments of strength.

Fighters with Burst master the use of unleashing incredible surges of force for both offensive and defensive purposes. The source of this power can vary from technique to energy reserves to even physically consumed packets, but the results are all the same. This could manifest as a "runners' high" of pushing beyond one's limitations, or an adrenaline rush -- there are many options here. Whereas Vigor represents endurance, Burst represents the burning spirit -- channeling that fatigue into a potent and dynamic benefit.

BURST is a character trait; if you have the STYLE ability it must exist in both Styles.

Ability Summary

  In TOP: +burst costs [20]% reserve instead of [25]%.
          +es and +shield each cost [0]% reserve.
          +infuse costs [6]% reserve.

  D Rank: Access to +burst Active.
          +burst costs [25]% reserve and restores [1] DM charge.

  C Rank: [VIM] Gain [1]% Reserve for every [20]% Super gained.

  B Rank: Access to the +es and +shield actives.
          +es costs [4]% Reserve and [1] burst stock, adds [1.5]PL of damage,
          and reduces cost by [5] super.
          +shield costs [4]% Reserve and [1] burst stock, reduces damage
          of incoming attacks by [1.0] PL, and adds +[12]% to block chance.
          Start fights with [2] burst stocks. +burst regains [1] burst stock.

  A Rank: [AVIDITY] At lower Reserve levels, normals recover more Reserve.

  S Rank: [ADAMANT] As you get lower in health, the super gained from taking
          damage goes up.

SIG ABIL: Start fights with +[2] additional burst stocks.
          Access to +infuse, which trades [10]% reserve for [2] burst stocks.
          Can use +es and +shield on the same turn.

TOP Mechanic

While in TOP, the +burst Active will cost only [20]% Reserve instead of [25]%. +ES and +Shield will cost [0]% Reserve. And +infuse will cost [6]% Reserve.

Ability Ranks

D Rank, the first stage of Burst techniques, begins when the fighter can, through focused effort, pull forth rare moments of incredible technique. At this level, the fighter gains access to the +burst active, which consumes [25]% reserve and restores [1] DM charge.

Note: current COMBATSYS rules restrict each fighter to [3] DM uses per fight, regardless of where they come from. This means that even if you spend super to +burst, you may be restricted from using the charges you've otherwise earned.

C Rank (Vim) is where the Burst technique manifests as a general spirit and vigor, revitalizing the spirit as the fight goes on. The more passionate and intense the fighter becomes, the more his own effort energizes himself, providing additional Reserve to go along with gains in Super.

B Rank (ES/Shield) represents the conversion of the fighter's explosive spirit and energy into more tangible efforts. Fighters will gain access to two new Actives, +ES and +Shield. Fighters will also gain two Burst Stocks, which are used to power these new techniques.

The +ES active consumes one Burst Stock and [4]% Reserve. In exchange, ES grants an additional +[1.5] Power Level of damage, and a reduced cost of -[5]% Super.  The damage boost does not stack with DM/Power or the passive bonus from S Smash.

The +Shield active consumes one Burst Stock and [4]% Reserve.  In exchange, Shield will reduce incoming damage by [1.0] Power Level, and will increase your chance to block by [12]%.  The damage reduction does not stack with DM/Guard or the passive bonus from S Brace or DIEHARD.  The block bonus does not stack with DM/Alertness or +clarity/block.

A Rank (Avidity) propels the plucky spirit and energy of the Burst fighter to its peak at the furthest extremes of exhaustion, hitting that 'runners high' in the force of battle. The lower your reserve gets, the more reserve you get back from normals. Every [5]% of Reserve below the level of [65]% Reserve provides +[1.5]% additional reserve for each Normal used. In other words, an fighter with Avidity and 50% reserve will regain 4.5% reserve when they throw a normal, over and above the amount usually returned by normals.

S Rank (Adamant) is where the BURST fighter's indomitable spirit reaches its apex. As the fight grows more dire and more desperate, the fighter is driven to the very pinnancle of their competitive spirit. The lower in health you get, the more super you generate from taking damage. Your health level is checked before the damage is applied, but once you are in the Red, this tends to represent a very noticeable increase of super gained from each attack that damages you, giving you a chance to strike back hard and defeat your opponent before they finish you off!

The formula here is [50]% Super x (100 - Current Health). So, for example, an Adamant fighter at 25% health would gain +37.5% extra super from damage compared to a fighter without Adamant.

Signature Ability -- INFUSE

Fighters who master the art of Burst find that the surges of energy come almost effortlessly. Burning away their reserves almost freely, these fighters are capable of these extraordinary feats through carefully infusing every attack with their power. By readying themselves with huge flows of their own strength, they are able to explode out in almost endless chains of power.

   - B-Rank fighters begin the fight with +[2] additional Burst Stocks.

   - Gain access to the +infuse Active, which costs [10]% Reserve and
     restores [2] Burst stocks.

   - +ES and +SHIELD may used on the same turn as the same Active usage;
     when used in this manner, the second usage costs [0]% reserve.
     (i.e. If you use +SHIELD and then +ES, the +ES costs [0]% reserve,
     and vice-versa)