(last updated: 11/05/23)

The all-seeing eye. ANALYSIS is the complex skill a fighter has to read their opponent, using their motions and behaviors to develop a profile which will then allow that fighter to use an effective counterstrategy against them. Wise fighters, slow calculating fighters, veteran masters, and arena tacticians will have this ability. Characters with enhanced or supernatural vision will often have ANALYSIS, such as Juri, Rugal, or Maxima. Fighters that are veterans of hundreds of matches against countless styles are also likely to have this skill, like Ryu or Kain.

Being more a state of mind than any sort of tactic on the fighter's part, ANALYSIS is a passive ability, always on. Characters with ANALYSIS will be able to accurately assess the health/reserve status of their opponents. A smart fighter may be able to use this increased accuracy to detect weaknesses and strengths in those they face. Those with ANALYSIS will also see more accurate odds for their reaction chances than those without.

Any time an opponent uses an Active Ability, Free Action, or Dramatic Moment, an ANALYSIS user has a chance to detect exactly what was used. Even if they don't succeed in detecting which action was taken, they will always see at least some message to indicate their opponent activated "something."

ANALYSIS is a character trait. This means that if one has the STYLE ability, ANALYSIS should appear in both styles.

Ability Summary

  In TOP: 100% chance to detect CSYS actions.

  D Rank: Detailed meters, and more accurate check odds.

  C Rank: The message "You notice something odd" is shown
          when other fighters use CSYS actions.

  B Rank: Access to +focus/direct. CSYS messages may show
          which CSYS action was used.

  A Rank: Access to use +health on fighters in the same fight as you.

  S Rank: Access to two uses of +check <fighter> on other fighters.

SIG ABIL: [1] use each of +clarity/dodge, +clarity/block, +clarity/endure,
          and +clarity/interrupt.

TOP Mechanic

An ANALYSIS character in TOP will have a 100% chance to detect the combat actions of their opponents.

Ability Ranks

D Rank - This is the first step along the path to better understanding the state of the other fighters in the match. Fighters with ANALYSIS have access to the detailed version of +meters. While fighters without ANALYSIS will see health and reserve averaged into one bar, ANALYSIS +meters will show health and reserve as as two separate bars. (See Status for more on detailed meters.) Also, fighters with ANALYSIS will gain more accuracy in the +check command as well.

C Rank - Again we see the improved awareness growing in the fighter. At this point, they begin to know when their opponent is doing something special with their defenses, attacks, and resources, but it's up to the player to reason out or guess what that might be based on what they know of the opponent and what they can see in the meters. Fighters with C Rank ANALYSIS will "notice something odd" when another fighter uses a CSYS action such as a Dramatic Moment, an Active Ability command, or a Free Action.

B Rank (Focus/Direct) - Now the fighter has the experience and awareness to determine which extra measures their opponents are taking. For example if the opponent is preparing for a Smash attack, ANALYSIS may show "CSYS: Opponent has used SMASH." The average base chance to detect these measures is usually around 25% to 30%. Also, fighters may now use the +focus/direct command. Whereas the +focus command by itself provides a Focus bonus of [16]% that can be used against any opponent, +focus/direct provides an improved focus bonus of [20]% against one specific opponent. In addition, you will have improved odds for correctly detecting the actions of your +focus/direct target. +focus/direct provides no benefit against other characters in the fight, though.

Each time you use '+focus/direct' the Focus bonus will decay more quickly each turn. Here is how it plays out per turn:

   1st use:  20% / 14% / 10% /  7% /  0%

   2nd use:  20% / 10% /  5% /  2% /  0%

   3rd use:  20% /  6% /  2% /  0%

   4th use:  20% /  0%

A Rank (Health) - Perceptive fighters have the uncanny ability to read their opponents like a book. A Rank grants access to use the +health command on other fighters in the same fight. With the previous ranks of ANALYSIS, a fighter would be able to gauge their opponents' health, reserve, and super someone had to within 3-5% accuracy, but Dramatic Moments were a mystery without knowing their exact build and keeping a close eye on when specific actions were used. With A rank, a fighter will be able to know their opponent's exact health/reserve/super level, as well as the exact number of available Dramatic Moments. This precise knowledge means you can figure out exactly how much damage your attacks are doing which will make it easier to identify weaknesses in your opponent; knowledge of their available DMs can help you plan how to deal with them as the fight progresses.

Note: You can not use '+health <target>' while DAZED.

S Rank (Assess) - Superbly analytical fighters can read their opponents like an open book. S Rank Analysis allows use of the '+check < fighter >' command up to two times in a fight. When viewing another fighter's +check status, you will only see their status output, not their reaction queue or odds. This feature only works if you and the target are currently in the same fight. Once you have used '+check < fighter >' twice in a match, it will be unavailable for the rest of the fight.  This has no impact on using '+check' on your character or on minions you control.

Notes: You can not ASSESS while DAZED. ASSESS will not reveal SHROUD charges. ASSESS will not work on shrouded targets during Shroud/hide.

Signature Ability -- CLARITY

Characters that are masters of ANALYSIS have the ability to detect the greatest details of their opponents' actions and attacks. Legendary perception, exceptional insight, and genius levels of knowledge of combat are all possible reasons why a character would have ANALYSIS as his or her Signature Ability. In the eyes of these characters, their opponents are an open book. They can get a precise impression of what effect an incoming attack will inflict on them even down to the amount of harm it will cause. This keen observation will also improve these characters' ability to react to their opponents' attempts to harm them.

   - Access to [1] use each of: +clarity/dodge, +clarity/block,
     +clarity/endure, and +clarity/interrupt.

   - Each use of +clarity grants [2] rounds of CLARITY. While CLARITY is
     active, a character will see all flags on incoming attacks as well
     as the exact amount of damage the attack will likely do.

   - In addition, each use of +clarity grants a [1] round bonus of [10]%
     to the reaction you chose.

   - While you have the CLARITY buff active, you have a [100]% chance to
     detect the actions/DMs/etc of your opponents, unless your opponents are
     using the SHROUD mechanic of MANIPULATE.

   - CLARITY bonuses do not stack with EVADE, DM/ALERTNESS, DM/SPEED, +EX,
     or +SHIELD, but do stack with DM/HYPER.