(last updated: 06/13/21)

Alt policy on the game is pretty simple. Having access to different loadouts and characters for a wide range of situations only increases the amount of possible scenarios and fun times. As a result, there are three major rules for applying for alternate characters.

1. You can play as many Original or Homage Characters as you want, but there is a soft cap of four (4) Feature or Adapted Characters.

When applying for an alternate character, please check the in-game '@alts' command.  If you are at or over the soft cap and have FCs or AFCs marked 'idle' or 'available,' staff may ask you to release these alts before processing your application.

2. You must have accumulated at least 5 AP between character applications, and it must be at least 3 weeks since you last received a password for a new character.

3. Your new character should generally not be in the same faction or group as any of your other characters.

The idea with our alts policy is to make sure that people can get the characters they want relatively easily; as the systems in place at MotM periodically open feature and adapted characters that are idle from RP longer than two months, there is no great need to police character squatting.

The major limitation is processing resources; admin only have so much time out of the day, and to make sure that players have their legitimate applications processed in a relatively timely manner, most of the policy deals with ensuring that players play the characters they've applied for instead of falling into 'chargen addiction traps' where people spend more time in chargen than they do on the grid. Believe it or not, it happens! :)

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