AFC Application

(last updated: 12/28/17)

NOTE: The AFC application is only to be used for feature characters that are not already set up on the game but already are explicitly allowed in the Series info file. It is not for characters that are already created on site, nor is it used for characters not listed in Series, which are not yet allowed on MotM. Always "finger < name > " to check and see if an existing feature is available first before submitting an AFC application. The FC application is what's used for characters that are already on site. If you do not have the ability to check and see if a character is available on the game before submitting an application, please send an e-mail inquiry to!



Player Name: This is you, your name. A standard handle will suffice, but something like D4RK_L0RD_OF_MISERII is going to get you stared at. :)

Player Age: Your age...

Player E-mail: And your e-mail! This is the e-mail that we'll use to send your app response back.

Previous and Current Alts: Do you play, or have you played any previous characters at MotM? If so, list them here.



1a. AFC NAME: This is so we kinda know who you're apping. This is also how the name will display on the game. Spaces are OK.

1b. FULL NAME: Your character's full legal name and/or any nicknames.

1c. FACTION: Your character's faction, 'Independent' if none.

1d. QUOTE: A quote your character would say, summarizing their personality.


Because you're applying for an already established character, you have the option of allowing administration to write your profile for you. However, if you do want to write your own, feel free to submit a profile here. This is basically your chance to tell people what your vision of this character is about. Stay within 150-200 words, and give a good bird's-eye view of the character. A good profile will hit all the major elements that define a character and inform others about who that character is without being bogged down by needless details. KEEP IN MIND that even if you do submit a profile, it may be edited or re-written after the fact by administration for length, flow, clarity, spelling or theme elements.


The name of your character's fighting style. If multiple or custom, state in plain English, e.g. "Karate and Sambo," "MotM-style Karate," or "Tai Chi with a Rock'n'Roll Guitar.."





Just explain to us a little bit about what your character is, what they can do, and where they came from. Think of this as a longer version of a profile. It's generally assumed that for most feature characters, not a lot of information has been made available in the canon about them. Even so, much of it we expect you already know. Spend no more than three paragraphs on this.



Motivations are what really differentiate any given feature character application from the rest, and this is your chance to tell what your take on this character would be. What are the forces that compel this character? How are they likely to respond in a range of given situations? What will cause this character to become involved in the greater storyline of MotM at large? Get creative, because this will be the largest section of your application. Four paragraphs is the minimum for where you want to be with this.

NOTE: You don't need to submit stats for your AFC app. Your stats are set, and your overall ratio and class are predetermined by staff based on their own native understanding of the character and where the character will fit into the overarching theme of the game. Basically, this means that statements like 'this character is the strongest person alive' will matter very little for your character's final stat set.





This is the homework that you'll have to do to be familiar with your character's moves anyway. Research your character thuroughly and list out their moves, or your take on their moves here, and what each actually does. Keep in mind that you are not actually statting the moves, merely describing them. Any moves you'd like to see on the final build are useful, and any move that is canonly named is fair game for this list. If you get the character, this list will be used to make modifications, if necessary, to the original build, or populate an attack list for a non-statted FC. You don't need to use any more than one or two lines to describe each move, though for any particularly involved super moves or the like you may be allowed to use more.




Here is where you address some of the major challenges in adaptation. Most of the game series MotM supports are laid out in their respective infofiles. For many adapted characters not created prior to your application, the info file for the source game series will typically come with an attached "challenges" section where some of the major hurdles to creating characters from that source are noted. Please state how you're addressing these concerns here. If you're apping a monstrous character, how are you intending on finding RP? Does anything about the character in his or her original source likely to conflict with some well known event? If you're apping an extremely violent character, how do you intend to stay within common sense ratings? This gives us a good sense of how well your character choice is going to affect the game. Spend no more than two paragraphs on discussing this.


This is where you lay out your plans for your reign. If your character was previously played before, do you plan to retcon, or modify any previous aspects of the prior player's logs? Any plans you have for your character, such as potential ongoing rivalries or faction/team building also go here. Spend a paragraph or so discussing this, and you should be fine.


If you got this far, you're done! Package your app up and ship it off to with the subject line "AFC Application - < Name > ". Please use plain text formatting where applicable. Good luck!