(last updated: 12/28/17)

With the changing of the times on MotM, it was seen as necessary to adapt several new fighting games to the genre. While this started with Tekken prior to the game's reset in 2014, the net was cast much wider. It remains to be said that MotM remains fairly open-minded in its policies concerning characters adapted from other sources, for which there are now two official paths to entry:

1. Homage: This is still the most common method for adapting a character to MotM theme. For most characters outside of theme, such as those derived from anime, historical or manga sources, a player can create their own original character and then use some of their source material to create a wholly original character 'inspired by' any given source. Homage characters are treated just like any other original character, complete with custom stats and the restrictions that go along with them.

2. Adaptation: Many characters applicable on MotM are not explicitly created and profiled by administration before a player presents interest in them. When applying for a character explicitly allowed to be adapted, a player will submit an application for their character of choice, creating a 'pitch' that adapts them to the storyline in accordance with the existing guideline for that character's series. Unlike an homage character, an adapted character is not statted by the player--he, she or it is statted by the administration. What this means is that an adapted character may have stats that differ from the OC baseline. Adapted characters are also, for all intents and purposes, treated as FCs, and are subject to the same activity restrictions as any other FC.

For a few rules of thumb to determine when to use which process and what to do with each, see the next file in this series.

Creating an adapted character is a process a little more involved than simply applying for any other OC, and some rules of thumb do apply, most of which administration does actively look for in an application.

- An homage should never resemble its source so closely so as to be a plagiarism. While it's fine for a character to have "an analytical eye" in the vein of Sasuke Uchiha, no homage character should ever apply for a Sharingan, or a Sharingan of a different color, directly. By the same stripe, just because Iron Man isn't allowable on MotM doesn't mean a superhero homage called "Steel Man" is going to fit either. The idea with homages is to be inspired by and pay honor to, not outright steal from.

- On the opposite side of the river, a directly adapted character should only generally take liberties from its source when no other option exists to maintain the character's themeliness. Most of the major challenges facing each character is outlined at the end of that character's series file. What this means is, if the canon source says B.Jenet is a pirate, she is a pirate, not part of a pirate-themed theatrical re-enactment troupe. This can cause some characters--particularly aliens--in each series to be inappable. A character should not be bastardized beyond recognition just to be playable.

- Generally speaking, the only characters available to be directly applied for as adaptations are the ones listed in "info series" -- characters from other series' have been reviewed and found either unthemely, disruptive or dilutive to the game. If we get enough requests, a series can get a second (or third..) review, but generally speaking, this is the iron rule.

- An OC can also become adoptable by request of their player, and live on with new players past the original player's interest. While rare, this is typically done for particularly pointful characters, such as faction leaders, enforcers or familial characters attached to other OCs. These characters are treated as looser versions of FCs.

If you're interested in applying for an adapted character, please see Application for the pertinent application and process to use.