(last updated: 06/07/21)

The purpose of an activity policy is two-fold: to encourage current players to keep roleplaying, and to allow new players to take the reins of long-idle feature characters (FCs).

At MotM our activity policy for FCs is pretty straightforward: If you aren't able to scene for a few months, your character will be marked as "Available," which means someone new could assume the role.

Here are the rules, in convenient bullet-point format:

  - When a Feature Character (FC) goes 8 weeks without IC activity, the player will receive an email notice.

  - An FC that goes 12 weeks without IC activity will be marked "Available".

  - Anyone can apply for an FC marked "Available".

  - Players may be able to log in their FCs even after they are marked "Available".

  - Participation in IC activities will reset a character to "Active/Filled" status.

  - After 16 weeks without IC activity, all bets are off; staff may decide to rescind control of the character.

  - If an FC is apped for and then goes 8 weeks without getting a single scene, the FC will be opened automatically.

  - Original Characters are not subject to this activity policy.

We really want to make sure that players sustain a small baseline of activity, without punishing anyone for leading a busy life outside the game. What matters most for us isn't the rules, but ensuring that our community remains vibrant and populated so that we can continue enjoying great RP together!

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