Since the dawn of time, man has fought.

It is a world where names like Genghis Khan, Joan of Arc, King Richard the First, Oda Nobunaga, El Cid and John Dillinger were legends not only because of their circumstances but their great prowess in combat. Legends and myths form because of a man's commitment to the lethal arts, and that commitment itself allowed great men and women to mold the course of history.

The fictional world of MotM is a contemporary world that stands on the cusp of a revolution, where professional fighting has become popular enough over the past decades to dominate the world's attention as the professional sport. It's a world where martial artists can perform superhuman feats of dexterity, speed, resilience, spirit and strength, and are hailed as the modern superstars of popular culture.

Even so, some become uneasy at the dominance of the martial arts and its potential for great destruction. Even now, international megacorporations vie to compete with martial artists, fielding bizarre technology and weapons inspired by the techniques of fighters, making billions off of the concern of governments. Monsters, mutants, demons and killers stalk the darkness, waiting for their opportunity to strike. And casting over it all are the terrorists and cartels, whom hide in the airless, sunless spaces of the world, headed up by extremely powerful dictators with a taste for world domination.

But these aren't the only forces in the world. People exist of morals, strength and integrity. The outcast and the just alike stand against the forces of the dark, some selected by fate, by birth, by circumstance or even by the gods themselves. They are empowered and committed to protect the world as we know it from the forces of the dark.

A long road stretches ahead of you. You're just beginning your journey, but you know in your heart that you have the blood and the will of kings. Welcome to MotM: The Champion's Road.

New and improved, sporting brand new combat system elements, an all new, revamped theme that encompasses many of the most popular fighting games, and a brand new character creation dojo. Join the fight now by checking out our application process, read the most recent published scenes, or check us out at motm.kicks-ass.net, port 2002!!

Recent Changes

With all the new features, the combat system may be super intimidating for new players. But never fear -- we have a new Combat Intro to help you find your way!

With recent events, both Guilty Gear and BlazBlue have been woven into the tapestry of MotM's narrative. Check out our new theme files on Magic, Novus Orbis Librarium (NOL), and Sector Seven!

Resolve has been reworked, and in the process, the new ability Burst was born! Traits have been updated, as Efficient is rolled into Vigor, and a new Tireless trait is introduced. Also, some balance changes have been made to Analysis, Charging, Control, Imbued, Rush, Smash, and Vigor.

What's more, every character now has access to the new Effects -- including SHIFT, DASH, CAPTURE, and the Overdrive super effects. Check them out when you can!

Current Event - King of Fighters 2019

*The feed begins with zazzy jazz instrumentals, as the Terry Roger Show logo spreads out, live in front of a studio audience. On one side, the smiling, well-dressed Englishman sits in a white polyester chair. In the opposite, bowl-like chair, a mousy brown haired woman sits, with a broad smile plastered on her unblemished face. She is seated with her ankle on her knee. The woman is dressed in blue jeans, her All-American Vest Starred and Striped in red, white, and blue rhinestones. Two big blue eyes peer through a black domino mask over the upper portion of her face. She rocks her white cowboy boots, her legs trembling as she seems to barely contain her excitement*

TERRY ROGER: "Well, I am pleased as punch now to introduce you all to, well, as my producers tell me, Lightning Spangles herself!"

LIGHTNING SPANGLES: "That's right, Terry, or as we say out in Texas, that's sure shootin' pardner!"

TR: "Oh yes, with the- with the vernacular. You seem to have changed quite a bit since we last met."

*Lightning Spangles lowers her head a bit, shaking her head as she purses her lips*

LS: "Because I was sick, Terry. Well, more than sick I think. I was a horrible, selfish woman, who took every privilege and opportunity she had, and squandered it. I would rather not talk about it, to be honest. Just know I'm better now, Terry. I'm a whole new person now, and a hootin' and a hollerin' one too!"

TR: "Yes, well, I mean, after our last interview, and the incident with the border between the United States and Mexico..."

LS: "Terry, if this interview was about everything I've done wrong, and all the people I've hurt because of my recklessness and horrible choices I've made, we'd be here for a week, and you'd be able to sell it to the Biography channel! And I would... rather... not with kids watching?"

TR: "Oh! Oh yes, of course."

*Lightning Spangles nods, giving a small wiggle dance in her chair as she drops her leg.*

LS: "Just be sure that old Lightning Spangles is dead and buried, and the new Lightning Spangles is going to be bright, and fun, and exciting!"

TR: "That's fine, that's fine... As I understand you have... a tournament?"

LS: "Not just any tournament, Terry!"

*Lightning Spangles shoots up into a stand, giving a salute towards the camera.*

LS: It's a King Of Fighters tournament!"

TR: "Ah! The King of Fighters! Those are always charming."

LS: "Why I'd say it's more charming than a tall dark stranger on a white stallion, Terry! It's hotter than a horny toad rolling across the Arizona Flats! We'll have teams all across the world, all coming together to prove that they are the strongest, all for real prizes and money!"

TR: "Well, I hope nothing terrible will happen this time."

*Lightning Spangles puts her hands on her hips.*

LS: "Excuse me, pardner?"

TR: "Well, I mean like, well, like a war starting, or an eldritch horror being awakened, or evil super science corporations. I don't mean to be cynical, but I'm just noticing a pattern on these King Of Fighters tournaments."

*Lightning Spangles pauses a moment, smile locked on her face. She then proceeds to give a V for victory sign*

LS: "No, no trouble, just fighting pardner! I can promise you that, or my name ain't Lightning Spangles!"

Event History

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