Full Name:Bolivar Montero Diez
Weight:175 lbs.
Blood Type:B
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Black
OOC Data
Game:Original Character
Voice Actor:Benicio Del Toro
Theme Song:"Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" - Santa Esmeralda


"A man's wealth is not held in the hand, or even the mind."

Bolivar Montero Diez grew up in Venezuala, the only son of aristocrats affiliated with the booming oil industry. After the oil industry caused the economic collapse of the country amid political corruption and a socialist government was elected, his parents were killed by an assassin and Diaz narrowly escaped the country with the family's butler, when he was twelve. The butler, a former Navy SEAL that was abandoned in Colombia by his commanding officer, had an honor debt to the family for saving him from poverty, and brought the boy to Florida to raise him in poverty. Trained in hand-to-hand combat from that point on, he rapidly acclimated to academics, but not the strict streets of Miami, dealing regularly with gangmembers as he grew up. Deciding to become an attorney, he earned a scholarship to the University of Mississippi, but only completed freshman year before he killed a local skinhead in a fight. Given a life sentence, he fought savagely to protect himself in prison, the life of a model prisoner impossible for a Latino in prison in the Deep South. And then, one day, a mysterious man from the same sort of power complex that he was raised in called him out of his cell, for an interview...

Style:Special Forces Training
Signature Move:Ruby Carnation -- PHYSICAL
Signature Ability:PARRY -- MANEUVER

Recent Logs

Sinking Deep in a Dirty Beach - Bolivar is sent on a suicide mission by the United Nations, to force Tremor to break a mirror. Seven years bad luck? - Log created on 11:07:15 03/13/2018 by Bolivar, and last modified on 16:14:27 03/13/2018. Cast: Bolivar and Tremor.

MK: Bolivar vs Alexis in "Kursed" - Quan Chi has enlisted BOLIVAR as one of countless willing servants to send the forces of Earthrealm into further confusion. But while he has been marshalling forces, Shang Tsung has been raising pawns of his own -- particularly ALEXIS -- to sing a siren song of a discordant rhythm. Two armies clash in a war of attrition -- any soldier felled by one side can potentially aid the other! Senseless deaths. If only there was a wise sage who could heal the forest. Someone who could bring much-needed clarity to the situation. Someone who has walked on both sides of the Veil. Someone like... RUST? Wait, no, that's supposed to be FREI, right? - Log created on 18:54:21 03/21/2017 by Alexis, and last modified on 02:19:29 03/25/2017. Cast: Frei, Rust, Alexis, and Bolivar.

MK round 3: The Death of an Assassin - In the assassin and counter assassin business, it can be hard to tell who is the predator, and who the prey. Bolivar, a skilled operative tasked with hunting down possible terrorist elements in the Mortal Kombat tournament, has taken it upon himself to hunt down Erron Black, the X Earthrealmer cowboy. They fight. - Log created on 20:37:17 11/17/2016 by Erron Black, and last modified on 17:38:51 11/18/2016. Cast: Bolivar and Erron Black.

Task Force International: The Ultimate Betrayal! - Task Force International has been sent in disarray. With the death of the White Angel of Death and Lita Luwanda, the easy-going Bolivar quickly is realizing that there is a traitor in the ranks of the Interpol team. Breaking away from Charlie, he goes out on his own to find the source of this betrayal. But how will the expert agent from South of the Border react when he discovers that the one and only Daniel Jack is the source of... The Ultimate Betrayal?! (The cover shows Bolivar moving through a deep, dark forest, following a hunting trail. In one hand was a latern, the light searing through the strange black mist. In the other, he was armed with a knife and holding himself at a cautious combat stance. His eyes drift to the side, as he stares at the vaguely humanoid trees around him. The edge of the cover is surrounded by the reaching branches of trees, all groping towards him. Behind him, emerging from the brush, is the shape of Ace Detective Daniel 'Jack' Little, obvious by the detective uniform. But there are only shadows of his features, excluding yellow eyes and bared teeth. His long clawed fingers reach for Bolivar's neck, ready to strangle him from behind.) (45 cents) - Log created on 15:55:57 11/06/2016 by Daniel, and last modified on 12:36:13 11/08/2016. Cast: Daniel and Bolivar.

MK Round 3: Bolivar vs. Cyrax - In the darkness of the caverns beneath Shang Tsung's Palace, two fighters low on conversational appeal do talking with the language of Violence instead, as the man known as Bolivar is tested by Shang Tsung's alliance with the Lin Kuei, courtesy of Cyrax. - Log created on 20:58:44 10/31/2016 by Cyrax, and last modified on 09:19:55 11/03/2016. Cast: Cyrax and Bolivar.

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