(last updated: 07/31/19)

The following is a breakdown of our Ratio system, which is used to measure how relatively powerful and talented a character is. It's similar to the Ratio System used in Capcom vs. SNK, only expanded; we use Ratios 0 through 8.

Note: "Ratio" is solely an OOC term. When they're used in tournament postings as a means of determining who may enter, assume some other set of requirements were ICly present that amount to an IC equivalent of 'Ratio.' In any case, ICly saying "Ryu is a Ratio 5 fighter!" makes no sense; everyone will stare at you and wonder what kind of moron you are.

Starting Ratio: FCs have their Ratio already set by staff. Fighter OCs can start at Ratio 1 or 2. Social OCs are all Ratio 0. EX OCs can start higher (see EX OCs for more).

RATIO 1: Novices and enthusiasts. Fighters at ratio 1 are at the start of a serious fighting career.

RATIO 2: Serious and professional fighters. Many honed and trained fighters are ratio 2.

RATIO 3: Leaders and old masters. Many fighters in ratio 3 have grown beyond professional fighting and have begun a journey of ambition: to lead others.

RATIO 4: Champions. Typically, ratio 4 fighters are the champions of fighting, and tend to dominate the top tiers of whatever tournament they elect to participate in.

RATIO 5: Grandmasters. At this point, a fighter who has attained this level of strength is able to redefine what is possible for practitioners of their art.

RATIO 6: Beyond human. There are only a handful of people in the entire world who have achieved this level of mastery.

For more expanded in-character analysis of these ratios, please read Fighting Ratio.